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Love, from everyone by swiblet



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You bitches and your tag memes...

Journal Entry: Fri Oct 3, 2014, 8:36 PM


First up: Pokememe

You have a balanced team of pokemon and you can only have six on a team. So pick six of your friends to see who ends up as what on your team! Use for the meme!You don't have to use the elements I used for this meme just make a balanced team and see who ends up as what! Tagged by SaoirseRanekaera.

1. Dragon: :iconprojecthalfbreed: Yeah, I can see this. She'd be like... Dragonite or something.
2. Fire: :iconheavenbat: This one... Hmm... I'd have to say I'd see Jas more as a Crobat than a fire-type...
3. Psychic: :iconsaoirseranekaera: Hmm... Alakazam. Yeah.
4. Electirc: :iconswiblet: I CHOOSE YOU PIKACHU. Nah, you'd totes be a Raichu or something like that.
5. Water: :iconthe-bubble-ninja: THIS ONE TOTALLY MAKES SENSE.
6. Grass: :iconxxhells-houndxx: Hmmmm.... Venasaur? I guess? I don't know. ;3;

Secondly... VIRUS MEME

Use to randomise 13 of your friends for this meme. Make sure to include yourself as well! Of course you don't hafta if you don't wanna.
Tagged by a whole bunch of fuckers: XxHells-HoundxX, Heavenbat, Irken-Risk, ProjectHalfbreed, Corrupted-Mooch, and SaoirseRanekaera.

1. Sidekick
:iconheavenbat: AWWW YISS. Me and Jas against the world!

2. Sniper
:icontheevilteadrinker: Tea, how good are you with a gun... or crossbow. YOU CAN BE DARYL. OMG.

3. The one who loses it
:iconcorrupted-mooch: Moochy... I'm sorry.

4. The brain
:iconirken-risk: AWW YEAH. Your knowledge of comic books will so come in handy.

5. The leader
:iconsaoirseranekaera: Not sure how this happened... I should be the leader. lol.

6. Medic

7. The one who yells vulgarities at the zombies
:icondentonclone: I... I can see this happening.

8. The one who can't be trusted with a Molotov cocktail
:iconswiblet: PFFFFFFF. Well, no fire for Mr. Swiblet.

9. The car person
:iconxhells-houndxx: Well, lookit that. You got driver for me too!

10. Cheerleader
:iconkey-0: I think Key would be better off as like the brains or something.

11. The one who dies in the first 5 minutes
:iconblaze150: Sorry Blaze...

12. The gather
:iconthe-bubble-ninja: I can see this. I can definitely see this.

13. The token hot-chick
:iconprojecthalfbreed: AWW YISS. Kidlet is the hot one! 8D

NOW THAT I'VE DONE THESE DAMN TAGS... I can rest in peace and watch more The Walking Dead.


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October Updates

Journal Entry: Wed Oct 1, 2014, 11:33 AM


October 1, 2014

Feeling: :iconblooddeathplz:
Listening to: Nothing
Reading: Guilty Pleasures - Laurell K Hamilton
Watching: Forensic Files
Playing: Nothing
Eating: Krispy Kreme pumpkin spice krispy juniors
Drinking: YooHoo

Stress + Sick = Death. I'm sick with some kind of head cold that's trying to travel down into my lungs. I was going to go to school today, but as soon as I sat up, everything went topsy turvy and I just laid back down and went to sleep. I feel like total shit right now. My dog is hanging out with me. I brought his blanket in here so he'd be more comfy. He's old. Mom had go to out of town to a funeral. Nobody knows I stayed home sick today in my family. I prefer to keep it that way. *sniffs* blegh.

Update on Art:
... I'm not even going to say anything.

Update on Life:
Again, fuck life.

Update on Contests:
Lyra contest is on hold til I feel better.
IP-Pageant has been shortened so that it now ends in December.

October 13, 2014

Feeling: :iconschoolplz:
Listening to: Big Data Radio on Pandora
Reading: Black and Blue - Gena Showalter
Watching: The Walking Dead
Playing: Fable II (when I can, which is never)
Eating: Hanaya Garden hibachi chicken bowl
Drinking: Blue Powerade

So, I'm feeling better health wise. I've still got some fuck ups in my system that I've told a handful of people about, but don't want to talk about publicly. I'm trying to get in with the doctor, but they're having none of me for some reason and not answering the god damn phone. *sigh* Anyway... Hopefully I'll be able to get in with the doctor soon. I kinda really need to see somebody. I could be dying for all I know. lolololol. (No, I'm kidding, don't worry, srsly, it's just lady problems being a bit more excessive than necessary.) Still stressed out. Found out that I'm basically failing data structures. I'm going to stick it out and grade replace next semester with an easier teacher, schedule be damned. I'm making an appointment with my advisor right now to see wtf I should do next semester. I'm not the only one in my class in this boat. It's going to set me back a whole semester. *sighs* At least all my other classes are going swimmingly. I'm just going to have to figure out what classes I can take with data structures to fill out 12 hours. If I can't do full time hours... I guess that means I can work more? I don't know. We'll see when registration pans out. The class schedule goes live on the 20th, my appointment is on the 22nd. *depressed sigh* I hate programming so much. I'm supposed to pick my concentration too and I can't see myself in any of the concentrations other than networking. ): I'm definitely going to have to talk this one out with my advisor.

Update on Art:
I finally posted IRKENGOSSIP's banners (even though she never got back to me on whether or not she liked Anti's banner...) So those are available for you to use now. Take a look:
C: Gossip Fan Banner by FortheLoveofKei
C: Anti Fan Banner by FortheLoveofKei
I also designed a new OC last week. Her name is "No Name". I just posted some sketches of her today. There's more doodles in my notebook, but I haven't been assed enough to take pictures or scan them. So, you get the two doodles for right now.
Pen Sketches: No Name by FortheLoveofKei
I'm not sure where I'll be using her yet, but I'm thinking of putting her in Lyra's universe as a kind of antagonist of swiblet's Redeye or something. Or maybe a "villain" character for Lyra. (quotes because technically Lyra's a villain lol.)

That's it for Art news.

Update on Life:
See above. I haven't really got any other news at the moment.

Update on Contests:
:bulletwhite: Round one of TBF was announced. I'm up against Irken-Risk, which is absolutely terrifying because of how good of a writer he is. ;3; If I am going to stand a chance against his brilliant mind, I should do a comic. But I don't have time for a comic, not with holiday hours fast approaching and all the homework I have to do. I don't even know how I'm going to have enough time to even write this entry! Ugh. We shall see.
:bulletwhite: I have... 5 days to finish FACTORY13. I'm still no where near finished. I'll be working on that after I finish this update.
:bulletwhite: Still need to do scores for IP-Pageant for September. Sorry guys, trying to get that done as soon as possible.
:bulletwhite: I need to update irkpreciation too since the Mascot Contest is over. Jesus I don't have any time for myself.
:bulletwhite: Lyra's contest is on hold til further notice. It is still very much open for entries though. You can enter by commenting on this journal. Then I'll note you and we can have fun. IF I can find enough time to actually respond to you... *sighs pathetically*


October 19, 2014

Feeling: :icongivingupplz:
Listening To: O Fortuna
Reading: Articles on POODLEbleed
Watching: JFK documentary
Playing: Tiny Wings on iOS
Eating: Baked Chicken with mashed taters
Drinking: Lemonade

SO. I withdrew from data structures. The program we're supposed to use to visualize the project that is due tonight kept crashing. I couldn't figure out what the fuck to do. Blaine withdrew. And I just said "FUCK IT" really, really loud, and withdrew from the course. I'll be taking it again in the spring. *sighs heavily* I've been working a lot. Today was hard because I didn't sleep well last night. But I managed to keep it together long enough to help out in fixing computers for most of the day, though I'll be honest. I lost my steam around 5 pm and just went through motions. But I had fun talking to one of the other ARAs while we worked - when I could, he was often pulled out front to address client issues, to which I am eternally grateful for. He's such a great guy. I'm glad he's getting promoted. So many changes in my precinct are occurring, losing people, moving people, stuff like that. And I am, sadly, staying the same. Though full time is officially on the table now, all I have to do is ask for it. Since I dropped data structures, I might just go for it. I will have to contemplate it. I will do this during my free time tomorrow since I don't have to go to class in the morning. Instead I will do... LAUNDRY! Because my basket is full and I'm much too tired to do it tonight. This paragraph is just dragging on as I babble. ONWARDS.

Update on Art:
I have no news here. Well, I do. I have doodles of possible OC creations. But they're in my notebook and I don't feel like scanning. Some are original species. Some look like other characters I've seen. Thus I'm hesitant to post. I'll just hold on to these doodles for now.

Update on Life:
I joined OK Cupid. There are a HELL of a lot of creepy guys on there. But I've found a couple that are nice that enjoy talking to me. So yay for that.

Update on Contests:
I somehow managed to finish Factory13. Now I can focus on TBF until the next F13 round is announced since I kinda auto-winned. Again. I will honestly try to get some Lyra responses out tomorrow. For everyone patiently waiting on me, thank you. It has been one hell of a month and it's not getting any easier for me. I will also be updating IP tomorrow. And doing scores. And bugging people for scores. AND STUFF LIKE THAT. Yay.

Rae out.

Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: violence/gore and strong language)

He emerged from the catacombs after cutting open a grate with his laser-edged sword. The world outside smelled of metal and it was warm here, as if a hundred furnaces were blazing all at once. The scent of molten metal was almost as bad as the stench of raw sewage, but after having been down in the catacombs for almost a day, it was a welcome change of pace.

Sighing, the Irken mercenary pushed his way out into the world, blinded by the hazy light filtering through the clouds and smoke. Cas had been hoping to find an exit for hours and had finally come across one, thank the gods. He had no idea where he was, but based on the structures - mostly what looked like factories and warehouses with soaring smoke stacks - and the smell of metal on the air, he'd have to assume that this are had to do with metal foundry and smelting.

He found a bench a few paces from the sewer grate that was still intact despite the voot that had crash-landed very close to it. He flopped down, sighing with relief. He was aching from having walked for so long. Sure, he'd taken short breaks, but he had soon become frantic to find a way out into the open world so those breaks had become fewer and far between. Now he had an actual chance to breathe, though he could hardly call this air. His lungs ached from trying to breathe this stuff in and force it back out. But he was thankful he wasn't smelling sewage anymore.  

He propped his feet up on a slab of pavement that had been forced up from the ground by the voot. His feet ached. His stomach was protesting his very existence, grumbling with displeasure that there was no food in it. He pulled a rations bar out of his pak and ripped it open, intending to quite his spooch. Ugh, it tasted awful. He had forgotten how gross these things were. Somebody should invent a better tasting rations bar.

Cas sat there for a spell, eating his disgusting rations and relaxing. The sun was starting to set. He wasn't expecting anything to bother him in this evidently deserted part of the planet. He really ought to learn to expect the unexpected by this point though.

The camera drone from before floated down in front of him. He was leaned back against the bench, his eyes closed as he dozed. He didn't hear the bot until it was far too late.

"GREEEEETINGS people of the galaxy!"

Cas jumped, his eyes shooting open in fright. He swung his arm, trying to punch out whatever the thing was that had shouted. The drone simply moved out of the way and let Cas swing through. He fell off of the bench, smacking painfully onto what remained of the concrete. In a heap, he remained for a few moments as the camera drone began projecting a hologram of a host Irken. The projection began speaking, continuing with its greetings.

"Welcome back to FACTORY 13, where in the first round we had a surprisingly high number of fatalities due to local equipment malfunction, spontaneous combustion, and an odd amount of rocks perched on very high cliffs by complete coincidence which fell JUST as a competitor was passing underneath them! Oh and don't forget the killer robots and deadly mutants; can't forget the mutants! We are now down to just three brave competitors! We here at FACTORY 13 realize that you may not have expected the tournament to be shortened suddenly, but we promise the rest of this season's worth your time with the warriors we have left!

"Omelette and Chord, you two have been paired up as opponents for this next challenge! You shall be facing off in the Hydroponics and Meat Storage Sector of Red Yard 13, where numerous animals and other specimens were cloned or genetically spliced together either to be released into one of the botanical domes or cut to pieces and then preserved in one of the INSANELY huge and LETHALLY freezing cold storage units. Here, you shall have an objective besides simply fighting one another.

"The Warden, your host and game master, has unleashed a rather deadly virus into the electrical systems of this sector. As a result, you will be facing a series of deadly encounters! Robotic arms designed to cut meat trying to peel the skin from your bones, gene spliced plants slated for the botanical sector breaking free to crush the life out of you, some poor cloned animal with deformities breaking out of its tank and spending the few minutes of its life trying to maul your face off! Oh the sheet JOY I shall feel to record this for the Warden! Anyways, your objective is to locate the control room for the sector and purge the virus! For anybody not quite as experienced with hacking, AKA: idiots, we put a BIG RED BUTTON that shall do the job for you! Whoever initiates the purge first shall move on while the other, assuming they have not been BRUTALLY torn to pieces by that point, shall be sent home.

"Cas, as you lack an opponent you are being paired off with one of the Warden's own creations! A Mk XIII prototype battle android with its own AI matrix, making it totally independent and capable of improvisation and tactical decision making. In addition it has an arsenal of weapons... Which I won't tell you about! Nyah! But anywho...

"The area where you shall fight is the Foundry District, and your objective is to not only survive facing off against this walking machine of death, but to also prevent the power core of Foundry Plant 12, which I am currently located at from ---" The message was suddenly halted for several seconds, the hologram going to static before a completely different host drone appeared. "Pardon the interruption, you must make your way to Foundry Plant THIRTEEN and stop the power core from overloading. Unfortunately, my predecessor seems to have caused number twelve to blow prematurely."

The sound of an explosion in the distance resounded in the area. Cas ducked just as a wave of sooty ash blew past him and the camera drone. The projection continued talking as if nothing had happened though.

"As you shall be facing off against a highly powerful android, we at FACTORY 13 are once again enacting the IDIOT protocols! … That means there's just a big red button that you have to find and push. Once this transmission ends, you shall have three hours to reach the plant and stop it from exploding, take note that as you approach the deadline, areas will begin to flood with molten metal and fires as the pipes travelling all throughout the district begin to rupture and explode! Failure to stop this detonation will cause the entire district to flood with molten metal and for a grand apocalyptic smoke cloud of death to flood all of Red Yard 13.

"… It's kind of why we wanted to go with number twelve; it was a lot smaller and would have killed YOU if you failed, but number thirteen is all that's left and it REALLY matches the theme of this competition sooooo good luck and try not to lose your head... or burst into flames upon contact with an insanely hot material or get melted alive as the skin melts off of your bones ---"

The transmission ended. Cas stared up at the drone from where he was sitting on the ground, having listened to this insane message. His mouth was hanging open in disbelief. "Are you fucking KIDDING me?" he asked the drone, as if it would have an answer for him.

The drone only replied by displaying a holographic digital stop watch. It started counting down from three hours.

"Oh my gods! Stop counting down! I'm not ready yet!" He flailed as he got up from the ground. Well, he was in a shit ton of trouble now. That drone hadn't mentioned Mary, his sole objective. Was she dead already? Great! If she was dead already, this entire tournament was worthless to him and now he was probably going to die because of an exploding power core in a foundry plant the he had no clue as its location. With a violent sigh he pulled his data pad from his pak and tried to pull up a map of the district. "Why aren't you working?" he hissed at the pad as it gave him garbled characters instead of a map. Was the Warden and his gang blocking transmissions now? Fucking great. He had no idea which way to go from here. He stashed the pad and looked to the camera drone, who hadn't been any fucking help so far and he doubted would be now. "Drone, do you have any idea where Foundry Plant 13 is?"

The drone answered by ticking off a few more seconds from the clock.

"Useless," he hissed in anger, scrubbing his hand over his head and smoothing his antennae. "Okay, Cas, just relax. This district can only be so big and you're already on the surface and not stuck in the sewer still. There's no sign of the android so you're in luck there also. Better start running." He took off in one direction - away from the sewers - and looked at the buildings for markings of any kind. A few had letters on them, but no numbers. "Plant AAA" he read aloud as he got to an intersection in the road. There were downed voots and transport vehicles everywhere, making the going tough.

He looked around, trying to get a grasp on his location. Plant AAA was to his left. Plant 23 was to his right. So, which way should he go? It would be so much easier if he had a map ---

An explosion to his left distracted him from his train of thought. He jumped out of the way of falling bits of concrete and rebar. What had caused that? He didn't think it was from the meltdown. Was it the android?

His question was answered a few moments later when a small rocket whizzed past his head and exploded on the wall of plant 23. It was the android! He pulled his sword out and looked around frantically for the machine. It was nowhere to be seen! It must be using cloaking technology to hide in plain sight. Well, Cas only had one recourse of action now - Run.

He took off to the right, hoping he was going the right way. Another rocket whizzed past him, causing a voot to explode a moment later. A huge piece of hot metal soared toward him. He couldn't dodge it in time. He and the metal crashed into each other, the metal burning his face and melting part of his chest plate. He cried out as he pulled the metal away from his skin. A chunk of his cheek came away with it. Blood would have been pouring from the fresh wound if the metal hadn't been so hot. Instead, the wound had already cauterized, but bone was exposed to the air and it stung like hell. His gloves were melting too so he ripped those off and threw them away.  

"Fucking hell!" he hissed, instantly regretting the motion of his mouth. Cas didn't have time to treat the wound though, not with a killer android on his heels. Time was now of the essence. He could hear his boots pounding the pavement as he continued down the road, weaving through vehicles. He couldn't hear the android though. That cloaking technology was covering its footsteps or it was flying, he could only guess at this point. He was so screwed though. He wasn't used to this. He was so used to being the hunter, not the hunted. His targets were usually clunky politicians or gang bangers. He wasn't used to his own tactics being used against him.

He kept running, whizzing past buildings, trying his best to find Plant 13. He'd gone several blocks and finally passed Plant 15 when the android finally made an appearance. It landed in front of him. No wonder he hadn't heard the bot, it had been flying. Cas skidded to a halt a few feet away. The android, clearly of Irken design as it resembled a small mega-doomer, raised the blast cannon attached to its right arm. It hummed to life, drawing energy to form a blue ball in its muzzle.

Cas held up his hands sheepishly. "Woah, woah, woah!" he called, feigning innocence. “Hold on there, partner! You sure you got the right guy?” He gave the droid a winning smile, hoping to fake it out.

That was apparently a stupid idea because the droid aimed for his head instead of his chest.  

"Shit!" Cas squeaked and lunged out of the way as the droid let the energy blast fly. His cape was caught in the blast, quickly catching on fire He struggled with the clasp as he landed a safe distance away, trying his damnedest to get the flaming fabric off of his person. The droid took advantage of his distraction and charged over. Cas just got the cape off when the droid scooped him up by his chest plate. Cas struggled against the grip of the battle android. "Okay, you know you can just let me go if you want!" he suggested, both hands on the android's trying to pry its fingers loose. "If you let me go, we can go shut off the power core in plant 13 so everything doesn’t go nuclear! Cuz you know, if that happens we kinda might just die."  

The android clearly wasn't listening. It aimed its blast canon at Cas' head again, point-blank range.

Cas started to panic. He didn't know how long it would take for the canon to recharge and blast his precious head away. He gave himself only a few seconds. So he reached for his gun as quickly as he could, pressed it under the android's head and fired. The android let him go, reeling back from the laser blast that had penetrated the delicate armor under its chin. Its optics were compromised now and it couldn't see Cas.

Cas landed hard on his tailbone, biting his lip to hold back a string of curses. He grabbed his fallen sword and got up. The android turned to him when it heard him move. Great, the battle droid was still functional. If he stayed still he had a chance, but he needed to get that plant shut down before it blew. He looked around for the camera drone that had been displaying the countdown timer. Great, he only had an hour to find the plant and shut it down.  

He stood there, fretting for a few seconds before the android started to approach him. It was using its auditory sensors to try to find him. The stagnant air in the area wasn't causing his clothing to rustle, would the android have sensitive enough hearing to hear him breathing? He gulped. The android let loose a rocket, aimed for where he was standing. Well, now he didn't have a choice. He had to get his butt moving.  

Cas started running, firing shots at the android's head as he went. Some of them missed, others hit their mark, blasting through the metal, taking out more sensors. But the android wasn't slowing. Its main CPU must be somewhere else. That was wise. The android could still function if its head was taken off that way. But where was it? He didn't have that much time to think about it right now. The clock was ticking.

He located plant 15 which he had been stopped in front of before and noticed 14 was beside it. That must mean that 13 was... this way! He started running, the android following behind him though it was obviously compromised. Cas was breathing hard, his injuries starting to get to him. He didn't need this right now. Where was his morphine? Had he used it all already? Impossible, but it seemed to be that way as pain flared to life from his damaged face and arm. He couldn't focus on that right now though. He pressed himself to remember that if he didn't get this plant shut down, he was going to die.  

Just in front of him, the street erupted as a pipe exploded. He'd been hearing minor explosions for some time now, but he hadn't seen any so close. Molten metal sprayed into the air and Cas back peddled to avoid a large splash of it landing in front of him. He spotted an alley to his left and dashed for it, hiding behind the solid brick wall as molten metal landed in huge pools around the street.

He spotted the android, still following him, heading for a rather large spill of metal. With its optics compromised, the droid didn't know what it was getting itself into and stepped right into the pool. The high heat started to melt the droid's feet. It continued on its rampage, heading for the burst pipe, mis-stepping as the metal of its feet now tried to adhere to the asphalt. It tripped and landed with a deafening thud a few moments later.  

Now was the perfect opportunity to be rid of this pest, Cas thought to himself. He stashed his gun and gripped his sword with both hands. Running out to meet the mechanical beast, he lept into the air to give himself some extra momentum and stabbed down with his laser-edged sword, right where he hoped the main processor would be. The android didn't make a noise, but electricity arched in all directions, shooting up the sword, trying to find ground. His rubber gloves protected him from being shocked, but that didn't stop arches from branching away from the sword and penetrating his unprotected belly and legs. Seizing, he dropped to the ground, the electricity finding its way out of him, but leaving him in more pain and utterly bewildered.  

He lay there for a good fifteen minutes, explosions happening around him as pipes burst, spilling their contents out around him. Finally, he managed to get to his feet, reminding himself that he was going to die if he didn't fix this. He reached for his sword and yanked it out of the downed machine, sheathing it quickly.  

In front of him, preventing him from going farther was a burst pipe and liquid metal everywhere. Extending his spider legs, he rose form the ground and looked around for a good place to put a leg. It took him another 10 minutes to traverse the busted pipe, but in front of him after this was plant 13.  


He retracted his spider legs and started running, the burn in his legs almost more than he could bear. He ran through the main doors into the plant. He had 30 minutes to find this big red button and turn everything off. He headed for the upper offices, finding a stairwell a few paces into the entrance. The stench of molten metal was even greater inside than outside. The building shook as another pipe exploded outside. Glass shattered in front of him, he continued running up the stairs.  

He searched office after office, looking for a control room. The heat was getting unbearable now. He kept running. He reached the end of the hallway and entered a room that overlooked the main floor of the plant below. There was nothing in this room save for the bay of broken windows. He looked through them and spotted his target below, a platform surrounded by molten metal with the big red button right in the middle of it.  

"Fucking hell," he hissed and climbed up onto the window sill. "This is insane." He only had one choice. He only had five minutes left and didn't have time to run back down. His only choice was to dive out the window and hope he didn't land in the lake of metal. So he did just that. He dived out the window, trying to keep himself from falling into the metal. He extended his spider legs, trying to use them to aim himself.

He slammed into the platform, the spider legs taking most of the impact, but he still managed to bruise his side as the legs gave out and he fell onto the metal. Three minutes left. He dragged himself from where he was lying, in so much pain, to where the button was and slammed his fist onto it. The button depressed and the drone nearly exploded with glee as a hologram was projected from it.

"Congratulations, Cas!" it squealed with pleasure. "You've survived this round!"
FACTORY13 - R2 - Cas Vs Android

I'll upload a pretty cover picture later, but for now, it is done.

Pen Sketches: No Name by FortheLoveofKei
Pen Sketches: No Name
This is my new OC, or at least a prototype of her. Right now, she's dubbed "No Name" because I have no name for her. I was thinking Aki, but I'm a bit meh on that.

Basically, she's a proto-demon, dating back to before the Big Bang. She and her race once ruled the cosmos before our universe came into existence. Now, the majority of them are dead and their race thought to be extinct (not that they've been anything more than legend until now).

She's roughly 100 feet tall and has white skin. Her "arms" (for what they are, they're basically spikes on the end) are stained with red (possibly blood?). All other markings are black. I hope to have a proper drawing of her at some point, but have this in the meantime.

No Name and proto-demons (c) ME 

She's totally nightmare fuel, isn't she? lol

Do you guys like it when I do "update" journals? (Tell you about my day, updates on art, stuff like that, etc) 

12 deviants said Yes
1 deviant said No


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