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September Updates

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 20, 2014, 8:48 PM

newer updates at the bottom!

September 20, 201

I should be doing homework right now, but fuck it. I'm absolutely exhausted. I worked a straight 14 hours yesterday and I'm also coming down with some kind of ick, so I'm just totally wiped out. Today I worked 7 hours, so it was a little better. I slept some 13 hours last night, passing out around midnight and getting up at 1pm. I'm so tired that even food has become unappealing and I love food. I also need to eat before I take my medicine at night or my stomach tries to murder me with acid. Anyway...

Updates on Art:
Lyra ref is FINALLY done. That only took like what, two weeks? Lol. I'm pleased with how that turned out. Next up on the chopping block is 2 banners of Anti and Gossip for IRKENGOSSIP. I hope to get those done by Tuesday. I also need to do a nightmare for Dragonious of Ki since he bought me a year subby. After that, it's finally time to work on nightmare!Dybbuk for SaoirseRanekaera. I've got the sketch done for it, which you can see here

Updates on Life:
Um... nothing new to report here. I was kind of seeing someone, but he hasn't talked to me in over a week, so I'm just going to let that one go. Oh well. Long distance relationships and I don't get along in the end anyway. School is going well. I'm struggling with my data structures class because my teacher sucks and there's no freaking LAB for the class. Freaking ridiculous. I've also discovered that I've forgotten a lot of basic java and I feel utterly stupid trying to write code with out my java textbook. *sighs* Enough on that though. My other classes are going okay I think. I just had a test in both linear algebra and logic and algorithms. We'll see how those went soon I hope. 

Updates on Contests:
Lyra's mate contest is live and going really well so far. I've got a lot of interest in it, way more than for previous mate contests. I suspect this is because Lyra is an actual, well-thought-out character that I've had in my arsenal for a while and draw semi-regularly. :B

I'm also still considering doing an outfit contest for Kei. I just thinks she needs a new outfit for when (if) I revive Kei's Crew. What do you guys think?

I'm also not paying as much attention to my clubs as I should be. \: This is a lame thing that I need to rectify. Expect updates on the clubs this week.

In closing... I'm SO FUCKING BUSY KILL ME PLEASE. *dies*

September 23, 2014

Well, folks, it's 1 am here in Rae-land. Tomorrow is Rae's big day off and she has some exciting news to share with everyone! The test she thought she bombed in Logic and Algorithms... she actually got an A! That's right folks. I got a freaking A on a test I thought I failed. I only missed one question because I apparently can't read. The question was "If the word does not contain T, tell if p and q are true or false. p = True, q = False." I of course neglected to read the not part and answered the entire thing wrong. WHAT A DUMBASS. *facepalm* But I will take my fucking 96 and run with it. I also got a B in Linear Algebra, which is a fucking BIG DEAL because I SUCK at math. ALL forms of math. Even stupid elementary school level simple addition and subtraction. You throw a negative number in there, my mind gets scrambled. And of course there's a thousand negative numbers in this class. And fucking fractions. I freaking loathe fractions. GIVE ME DECIMALS. THOSE ARE EASY. Enough rambling about how much I hate math.

Update on Art:
I have doodled nothing. I have lots to work on. I updated my to-do list today. I hope to get cracking on some art tomorrow. Though I have to study... and I have to go to the laundromat to wash my work clothes... (Our washer is leaking so I can't use it -3-)

Update on Life:
TODAY... I binge watched The Hunger Games movies. I have fallen in love with the series. *spoilers* I cried when Rue died. I cried when Peeta almost died. I WAS SAD. And now I want more. And I've already set up a friend-date with one of my coworkers to go see Mockingjay Part 1. I've also been binging on Marvel movies. I am THRILLED with how things are going in the Avengers universe. OMFG I LOVE WINTER SOLDIER. So hot. *fans self* I also bought into my first comic series. It's Death Vigil by nebezial. I've read the first one and I'm in love. I ordered the other two issues that have been printed to date as well. I just haven't opened them yet. It's a FANTASTIC story so far, great concept. I don't know where he comes up with this stuff. I'll also be ordering Sunstone when that comes out in December. I don't want to take the preorder code to a comic shop because they'll freaking look at me funny, me: a quiet, petite girl going to a comic book store for the first time to preorder a lesbian BDSM comic. Sheesh, can you imagine? BY THE WAY... If you're into that stuff (like I obviously am), you should check out shiniez and read it. The printed copy is going to be prettier and stuff, so I'm definitely buying it. BY THE WAY: if the art looks similar, it's because nebezial and shiniez = Stjepan Sejic, the same amazing artist. Looooove the way he paints *swoons* 

Updates on Contests:
So swiblet joined the mix yesterday and threw Bloo in as one of the contestants to win Lyra's heart. So far... he's not winning! Simply because Lyra and him don't get along all that well. Currently in the lead is Irken-Risk's Maestero, because who wouldn't swoon over a 10 foot tall Vycan that can play any instrument (and kill you with it)? Currently in second place is Irken-Risk's Carlos, followed by SaoirseRanekaera's Nocturne, THEN Bloo. Most of the RPs haven't really started yet with the exception of the one's I'm having with Irken-Risk, :devsaoirseranekaeara:, and swiblet. We're still dicking around and setting things up for the other ones. YES I KNOW I NEED TO RESPOND TO NOTES AND I HAVEN'T IN A FEW HOURS. I've been busy watching movies. I DON'T GET TIME TO SIT DOWN AND WATCH MOVIES THAT OFTEN, SHUT UP. Even when I do, I can barely make myself sit through an entire movie before I start falling asleep from sheer exhaustion. I fell asleep in the middle of The Hunger Games when I tried to watch it the other night. So I hopped myself up on caffeine today and haven't taken my meds yet (thus why I'm still awake at nearly 2 am) so I could watch movies tonight. I kind of want to draw... maybe I should do a late night stream? Nah, mind is too race-y to stay focused on drawing for too long... 

Anyway. Rambles off. G'night.


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